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Raspberry Pi lost… and found

How to find my RPi2 on network. I use arp-scan, brewed in my MacOS shell:

$ brew update
$ brew install arp-scan

Optional steps (for proper vendor decoding):

$ get-iab -v -f /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-iab.txt
Renaming /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-iab.txt to /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-iab.txt.bak
Fetching IAB data from http://standards.ieee.org/develop/regauth/iab/iab.txt
Fetched 2452407 bytes
Opening output file /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-iab.txt
4567 IAB entries written to file /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-iab.txt
$ get-oui -v -f /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-oui.txt
Renaming /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-oui.txt to /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-oui.txt.bak
Fetching OUI data from http://standards.ieee.org/develop/regauth/oui/oui.txt
Fetched 3245695 bytes
Opening output file /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-oui.txt
21123 OUI entries written to file /usr/local/share/arp-scan/ieee-oui.txt

Now scan local network (don’t forget sudo):

$ sudo arp-scan --localnet | grep -i 'b8:27:eb'	b8:27:eb:dd:e3:c6	Raspberry Pi Foundation


Brew Cask cleanup orphans

find /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom -depth 1 -print -exec \
  sh -c "ls -1A {} | grep -v .metadata | head -n -1" \; | grep -B1 -E '^[^\/]'

output will show you extra files in directory which should be removed


also it will display orphaned versions of exact Cask which should be zapped

brew cask zap opera
brew cask install opera