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Exit with Ctrl+D from shell

If you face with a problem of logout from a unix box like this (you’re press Ctrl+D but it doesn’t work) :

esekilxv7001 [10:24am] [/home/xmalmak] -> ^D
Use "logout" to logout.

first you need is to check your shell

esekilxv7001 [10:24am] [/home/xmalmak] -> echo $SHELL

good, you’re using C shell, so let’s fix the problem:

esekilxv7001 [10:27am] [/home/xmalmak] -> unset ignoreeof
esekilxv7001 [10:27am] [/home/xmalmak] -> echo "unset ignoreeof" >>~/.cshrc.user
esekilxv7001 [10:28am] [/home/xmalmak] -> logout
Connection to esekilxv7001 closed.
[11:28:11 ~ <0>]$